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Jewell Medical Spa

By: Mr. Injectable

As a leading aesthetics injector based in Southwest Florida, Chris has not only established but also owns and operates one of the premier Medical Spas in Naples.

A Florida native and resident of Naples for three decades, Chris is currently the sole proprietor of his second medical spa.

“It's crucial to select a medical spa owned and run by board-certified, licensed medical professionals. My aim has consistently been to cultivate a more youthful version of your inherently beautiful self, fostering an atmosphere where patients genuinely experience care and appreciation.

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About Chris

Born in Florida and a Naples resident for 30 years, Chris Jewell grew up in the military and around the medical field his entire life. His father, a West Pointer and who left the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel, is a local Dermatopathologist in town as well as his Medical Director.


Chris graduated from Barron Collier High School and Palm Beach Atlantic University with top honors and married his high school sweetheart Amy, who was born in Naples. “What can I say, when you meet that once in a lifetime, you never let that go.”


Chris graduated from Nova Southeastern University’s Physician Associate Program and worked in skin cancer for 13 years. It was there where he discovered his passion for aesthetic medicine.


“I cannot count the number of times I would find a serious skin cancer and save someone’s life, only to be approached with the question of what can be done to make themselves look and feel younger.“


“That’s when I learned that maintaining one’s beauty was just as important as maintaining one’s health.“


Chris then pursued his dream of owning his own business and started a medical spa.


“I had the absolute privilege to develop, grow, and mature a top medical spa in Naples in just 3 short years.”


Chris was quickly known in town as Mr. Injectable.


“It’s not solely about providing current and high quality non-surgical cosmetic outcomes. It’s also about creating an experience and an atmosphere where patients genuinely feel cared for and valued.”


Chris has advanced from his first medical spa to start a second medical spa called Jewell Medical Spa.


“As a master injector and a medical practitioner, I felt it was vital to create a medical spa that is owned and operated by board certified medical providers who are licensed in the state of Florida.”


“My goal has always been to create the younger version of your already beautiful self. I want to restore and rejuvenate what time has taken away.”


Aesthetic Medicine is saturated. With so many medical spas in Naples alone to choose from, how does a person know which to choose?


“I believe that the truly happy patients have done their research and that’s why they have amazing, natural looking cosmetic outcomes.”


“They don’t go to medical spas because of their branding, marketing presence, and specials. They embrace the medical provider who has large bodies of work to choose from with a reputation for delivering superior cosmetic results and exceptional patient care.”


Please contact us with any questions you may have. 

Chris Jewell, Mr. Injectable, can be reached at Jewell Medical Spa.


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